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Country Club Villas Abilene on Instagram


8/15/2018 8:24 PM

Refer & make some 💸💰💵

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  • Refer & make some 💸💰💵
  • Hurry! There’s still time to renew to win the passes to the @statefairoftx! #texasstatefair
  • TEACHERS, for this month only get free app fees at any of our 3 properties! Come by for a tour now! #teachers #discountforteachers
  • Looking for a new home close to the Abilene schools? Look no further! We have 3 locations spread around Abilene, we can surely find you & your family the perfect fit! #closetoschool #abileneapartments #abileneschools #abilenewylie #abilenehigh #abilenecooper #leasenow
  • Please pick up after your pets! #abilenetx #petfriendly #apartmentsforrent #apartmentsinabilene
  • Don’t wait, renew today!
  • Already missing the weekend? Us too! Don’t worry, our pools are still open so you can relax after work! Remember, no glass bottles!
  • Want money off your rent? Refer your friends, family, or coworkers to Abilene Apartments & get money off your next months rent! Living by your best friend and free money? What more can you ask for? 💵💰👯‍♀️👫👬
  • But for TODAY ONLY @chipotle is doing free guacamole for National Avocado Day! Don’t miss out! #nationalavocadoday🥑
  • Only a couple more days to renew and win!
  • How’s every bodies Monday going? Let us know!
  • Country Club office staff showing off their baseballs tees for the baseball renewal giveaway! @rangers
  • Who wants to win @rangers tickets? Plus see @caseydonahew? Renew with us today! #texasrangersbaseball #caseydonahewband #abilenetx #abileneapartments
  • What’s your favorite restaurant in the Abilene area? Tag them below in the comments 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻