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8/16/2019 1:19 PM

Happy Friday!

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  • Happy Friday!
  • Attention residents! Head over to our Facebook pages and get entered in our drawing!!
  • Shout out to you awesome left handers!
  • Send us some good 🍎’s
  • Drop off your donations at any of our offices!
  • Stop by the offices today and grab some mints and gum!
  • What if you could have any superpower?  What would you choose?  Post a gif in the comments
  • Mill Creek has a 1070 sq ft 2 bedroom 2 bath available now. $99 total move-in special!
  • Today is National Refreshment day! What’s your favorite Sonic drink!?
  • What are your favorite drive-thru spots?
  • It’s National Vanilla ice cream day! Stop by the office today and grab an ice cream sandwich!
  • National Personal Chef’s day! Post a picture of your favorite food/the last thing you ate or your best food photo. FOODIES UNITE!🍫🍰🧁🥗🌯🍔
  • We LOVE celebrating Pets!
• Drop a picture below of your furry friend! •
• Stop by the office for some dog treats on us! •
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